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My Hero One’s Justice 2: How to Call & Use Sidekicks

My Hero One's Justice 2, How to Call Sidekicks

My Hero One’s Justice 2: How to Call & Use Sidekicks

Sidekicks provide some of the more interesting mechanics to My Hero One’s Justice 2‘s gameplay formula, but it can be easy to forget how to summon them and use them to their utmost in battle. That’s why we’re here with a guide on how to call and use sidekicks in My Hero One’s Justice 2.

How to Call Sidekicks in My Hero One’s Justice 2

Calling Sidekicks in My Hero One’s Justice 2 is a simple enough process once you know what you’re doing.

So long as you’re in a battle where you have a Sidekick or Sidekicks, all you need to do is press L2 or R2 on PlayStation 4; or, if you’re playing on Xbox One, LT or RT. This will bring your allies into the fray for a split second, using their abilities on your opponent to either stun them, bombard them with attacks from afar or nail them with a powerful combo.

The controls can be found in the table below for your reference throughout your playthrough.

PlayStation 4L2 or R2
Xbox OneLT or RT

There are limits to how often you can do this though. Each Sidekick has a gauge which fills as time passes in the battle. After they’re summoned, that gauge will be emptied and need to refill before you can summon them again.

As such, you’ll want to make it count whenever you summon one onto the battlefield.

How to Use Sidekick Plus Ultra Attacks

Fortunately, there are ways to maximize how much damage you can do whenever you call in a Sidekick in My Hero One’s Justice 2.

One is to hold off on summoning them until you have at least one Plus Ultra gauge filled. By doing this, you can call in your ally and have them use their weaker Plus Ultra Attack at the cost of said gauge charge by pressing L2 or R2, or LT and RT, twice in quick succession. It’ll be worth the cost though, as this will deal heavy damage to your opponent if it lands.

The other is to hold off until you have all three Plus Ultra Gauges filled, and then use a Plus Ultra All Attack; a special move that utilizes every character’s Plus Ultra Attacks at once. This attack is only available if you have two Sidekicks available to you, but it can deal more damage than almost any other type of move in the game.

This technique is used by pressing and holding R1, and then pressing the Triangle and Circle Buttons at the same time; or, on Xbox One, by pressing and holding RB and then pressing the Y and B Buttons at the same time. More on this technique can be found in our guide on the topic.

Hopefully, this cleared up how to call Sidekicks in My Hero One’s Justice 2. For more on the game check out our guides on topics like how to get Hero Coins fast.

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