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This Fan Video Cleverly Mashes up Animal Crossing and Star Wars

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This Fan Video Cleverly Mashes up Animal Crossing and Star Wars

Tom Nook may not seem like a dictator once you meet him for the first time in Animal Crossing but there are some folks who would disagree with that thought. Nook may be nice enough to give you a home and a bed to sleep on but he does force huge loans on you that you didn’t even ask for.

Whether or not you view the ol’ Nookster as a good guy or the villain in Animal Crossing, you cannot deny that Nook has lots of control over your life in Nintendo’s charming franchise –some may even compare him to Armitage Hux, the ruthless general in the First Order from Star Wars.

I know, that’s a strange similarity that you might not have seen coming, but this fan-made animation from Phil Davies on YouTube will definitely burn the comparison into your mind:

My favorite line from this video has got to be the opening one: “March 20 is the end of free time.” It rings true for those that plan on picking up the newest iteration of the franchise, New Horizons, which launches this Friday, on March 20 –our time will surely be lost to the Crossing of Animals.

If you want to prepare for the game’s launch this weekend, make sure to follow all of these steps before you dive in. Oh, and you can also watch this adorable new trailer.

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