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Xbox Series X Dev Discusses Backward Compatibility; “Inventing All-New Techniques All The Time”

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Xbox Series X Dev Discusses Backward Compatibility; “Inventing All-New Techniques All The Time”

Team Xbox partner director of program management Jason Ronald talks about backward compatibility on the upcoming Xbox One Series X.

During the latest episode of Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb’s podcast, team Xbox partner director of program management Jason Ronald talked about the Xbox One Series X.

Specifically, we hear about the work done by the backward compatibility team.

Incidentally, it’s the same team that worked on the features for Xbox One. 

“Our back-compat team is one of the best in the industry and we’re really looking at what new opportunities the Xbox Series X gives us, where we can enhance titles even further than you’ve seen before.”


“As a member of the team I can say, the team loves these franchises just as much as players and developers over the years. It’s critically important to them that they always respect the artistic integrity of the original creator, but at the same too we want these games to look and play better then you’ve ever seen them before.

The team is constantly inventing new techniques, things we never even thought were possible to really be able to push the boundaries.”


“They’re inventing all-new techniques all the time, and it’s really awesome to see the creativity and innovation coming from that team, and it’s the exact same team that did the 360 compat and the original Xbox compat on Xbox One. The exact same team is continuing to push the state of art with the Xbox Series X.”

Ronald also explained that we’ll see improved and steadier frame-rates and no more dropped frames. Games that use techniques like dynamic resolution scaling will benefit from the extra power of Xbox Series X by running always at the highest resolution possible while still holding the steady frame rate. 

The advancement in storage technology and CPU, leading to faster load times, getting into the experience much faster. 

Speaking in general, Ronald mentioned that beyond the fact that the console’s raw power is twice as much compared to the Xbox One X and over eight times as much as the original Xbox One, the new RDNA2 technology from AMD makes that power significantly more efficient. 

“It’s a much more high-performance box, and what you’ll actually see in the titles that ship on Xbox Series X will be unlike anything that you’ve seen before.”


“We have a great partnership with AMD and we’re really leveraging the bleeding edge from them to make sure that this console is really designed for the future.”

Another focus is making it as easy as possible for developers to reach the largest audience of players and focus on making the best game possible. 

If you’d like to read more, you can check out the latest details about the Xbox Series X shared by Microsoft and more comments from Phil Spencer.

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