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The Division 2 Title Update 7 Releases Alongside Episode 3 Missions

The Division 2

The Division 2 Title Update 7 Releases Alongside Episode 3 Missions

The seventh title update for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 released today adding new weapons, fixes, and the third and final episode containing new missions.

The update adds a six specialization called Firewall, which gives players a flamethrower. Other new weapons include the exotic weapon Chameleon, G28, Honey Badger, and the UIC15 MOD2.

Episode 3 has also been added with the update for Year 1 pass owners, while all players will receive the new missions next week on Feb. 19.

The episode contains two missions taking place on Coney Island, including a ballpark and an amusement park. It also contains two classified assignments, Detention Centre Rescue and Nightclub Infiltration, exclusive to Year 1 pass owners.

This will be the final episode for The Division 2 until the recently announced $30 expansion Warlords of New York launches on March 3.

The expansion is now available for pre-purchase on all platforms. The title update patch notes said the expansion will include a level 30 character boost that can be used unlimited amount of times, while those with out the expansion can purchase the same boost for 2,000 Premium Credits (about $20) but can only be used one time.

The Division 2 is currently $3 on Uplay for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One digital marketplaces, while console owners who would like a physical copy can pick it up for $5.

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