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Saints Row IV Re-Elected Comes to Nintendo Switch Next Month

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Saints Row IV Re-Elected Comes to Nintendo Switch Next Month

Publisher Deep Silver has today confirmed that the whimsical open-world action game Saints Row IV: Re-Elected will come to Nintendo Switch next month, March 27.

Today’s news comes in tandem with a new trailer that showcases some of the 25 additions that come packed into the Re-Elected version of the game, including the Dubstep Gun (Remix) package, the President package, the Commander-In-Chief package, and the two celebrated story extensions “Enter The Dominatrix” and “How The Saints Save Christmas.”

For the uninitiated, Saints Row IV sees players take control of the leader of a powerful street gang called the Saints who’s just been elected as President of the United States. You’re then tasked with taking down an invading Alien race led by the nefarious Zinyak.

Saints Rows’ bombastic sandbox gameplay has you jumping over buildings, blowing things up, and smoking Aliens with ludicrous weaponry across dozens of main and side-quests. There are all the typical sorts of open-world distractions along the way, too, including racing and vehicular combat.

In addition to bizarre weaponry, players also have special abilities they can employ to dial the mayhem up another notch. Elemental powers and telekinesis give you all sorts of ways to hilariously combine the destruction.

You can check out the game’s launch trailer below.

The arrival of Saints Row IV on Nintendo follows on from the third game in the series, which released for the console last year.

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