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Pokemon: Twilight Wings Episode 2 Is Now Live

pokemon twilight wings episode 2 training

Pokemon: Twilight Wings Episode 2 Is Now Live

The second episode of the limited animated Pokemon series, Twilight Wings, is now live and ready to be watched on the official Pokemon YouTube channel.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings is a short seven-episode series that is set in the vibrant Galar region, the same setting from Pokemon Sword and Shield with each episode focusing on a different character and plot.

This newest episode centers on the fighting-type Gym Leader, Bea, as she sets off to train with her Pokemon after losing a Pokemon battle to Galar’s Champion, Leon.

You can watch the newest episode of Twilight Wings down below or you can go to YouTube:

Also, if you missed out on the initial premiere of the new animated series, you can watch the first episode right here.

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