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New Little Hope Trailer Pays Homage To The Brave Players Of Man Of Medan

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New Little Hope Trailer Pays Homage To The Brave Players Of Man Of Medan

The Dark Pictures anthology is building steam, as on Twitter today they released a video that paid tribute to the let’s players who muscled through the game online, and teased the upcoming entry in the anthology, Little Hope.

You can check out the official Twitter video here:

Man of Medan was one of the big horror titles of last year, boast both single player and co-op branching horror narratives. When it came out last summer, in our review, we said “Technical issues aside, I actually did enjoy my time checking out the different endings and discovering the mysteries behind Man of Medan and all of that.”

They plan to build their anthology by releasing two shorter cinematic horror games (Man of Medan style) every year moving forward. So, the next game on the way, is Little Hope.

Little is known about Little Hope, other than it takes place in a rural American town, and stars Will Poulter of Midsommar and Bandersnatch fame.

This next game was teased in the end credit sequence of Man of Medan, which was in August, so it’s been almost half a year. Does this official Twitter tease mean that the sequel is actually coming out soon? If Supermassive Games still aims to meet their two games-a-year window, it’s likely that it’ll be released in the coming months.

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