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D4DJ Finally Reveals DJ Waifu Rhythm Game by BanG Dream! Publisher


D4DJ Finally Reveals DJ Waifu Rhythm Game by BanG Dream! Publisher

Bushiroad finally revealed the mobile game which will be part of its cross-media IP D4DJ, featuring rhythm gameplay and plenty of waifus.

It’s been a while since BanG Dream! publisher Bushiroad announced its new music-based IP D4DJ as a cross-media project including anime, concerts, and games, and finally the gaming, and finally the gaming side has been revealed.

Bushiroad announced D4DJ Groovy Mix, a brand new mobile ryhthm game following the IP’s girl DJ theme that has just opened pre-registrations in Japan.

It features the 6 DJ units of four girls each revealed a while ago, Happy Around!, Peaky P-Key, Photon Maiden, Merm4id, Rondo, and Lyrical Lily.

We also get plenty of video footage in the form of a trailer, a commericial and a gameplay video.

D4DJ Groovy Mix will be available for iOS and Android in fall 2020 and it’ll be (of course) free to play with optional microtransactions.

It also includes the usual stamina mechanic, but it’s used to boost your experience and item gain, so you can play even when you run out.

It comes with a story mode and the characters are animated with the omnipresent Live2D.

Of course, no western release has been announced, but considering the popularity of this kind of game and the fact that it shares part of the team with BanG Dream!, there is certainly a chance that it’ll be localized.

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