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Breath of the Wild Speedrun Is All About Feeding Dogs as Fast as You Can

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Breath of the Wild Speedrun Is All About Feeding Dogs as Fast as You Can

If you’ve been keeping up with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedrunning community, then you’re probably used to seeing people speed to the end of the game by clipping through walls, using bombs to blow themselves sky-high, and whistle while running, but there’s a new speedrunning category out there now and it’s all about feeding all of the dogs in the game as fast as you can.

Spotted by Polygon, a Twitch streamer that goes by Vivoxe currently holds the record for the “All Dog Treasures” category, clocking in at 1:35:51.

You see, if you feed the dogs in Breath of the Wild three pieces of food, like apples for example, they will lead you to a hidden treasure chest that only appears once the dog has been fed –you don’t even need the dog to lead you to it as it will pop up out of thin air somewhere around the area.

Sometimes the dog won’t nibble on the food or notice that it’s there so you can see Vivoxe in the video below using different methods to get the dogs attention:

Watch Breath of the Wild – All Dog Treasures in 1:35:51 from Vivoxe on

We’ve seen Breath of the Wild players do some crazy stuff over the last few years since launch such as this player creating a boomerang tornado to take down a Golden Lynel or this guy who modded a Ring-Con from Ring Fit Adventure to work with Breath of the Wild.

(Featured image from CanYouPetTheDog)

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