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5 Borderlands Storylines That Could Work in a Film Adaptation


5 Borderlands Storylines That Could Work in a Film Adaptation

The news of a Borderlands film being in development has fans excited for what’s to come, but also curious as to which part of the series the movie will adapt. We’re no exception, and that’s why we’re here with our top five Borderlands storylines that could work in a film adaptation.

The First Game’s Vault Hunt

Though a boring choice in some regards, sticking to the first Borderlands’ storyline would save the upcoming film’s creators many a headache across a wide swath of areas.

The game’s conceit is a simple one: After hearing of a legendary Vault full of treasure, four Vault Hunters journey to the dangerous planet of Pandora to claim it as their own.

Upon arriving though, they find that the planet is under the control of the Atlas Corporation. Using their funds and resources, they’ve paid the local Bandit gangs to keep the planet’s populace under their rule while they try to claim the Vault’s treasures for themselves.

There are shootouts, world building segments and hijinks in-between their arrival and discovery of the Vault, but overall it’s a pretty standard treasure hunt with action elements thrown in for good measure.

This could prove a boon for the film adaptation. Though simple, the storyline would give the film a clear roadmap of where to go, who the film’s villain would be, what set pieces to have and so forth.

Not only that, but it would also provide a good setup for potential sequels, leaving some mystery and intrigue regarding the rest of the world and what happens after the Vault is opened.

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