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New Trials of Mana Remake Trailer Spotlights Charlotte & Kevin

Trials of Mana Kevin and Charlotte Spotlight Trailer

New Trials of Mana Remake Trailer Spotlights Charlotte & Kevin

A new trailer has been released for the Trials of Mana remake, and it’s all about the backstories of the game’s beastman and wizard pair of party members.

Streamed by Square Enix via YouTube on Jan. 9, the trailer is focused on the origins of the party members Kevin and Charlotte, and how they came to be drawn into the larger conflict of the game’s world.

For Kevin, a Beastman and heir to the throne of Ferolia, the story starts shortly after the Demonic Devourer Goremand kills his wolf-pup friend Carl on behalf of his cruel father. Being the only companion he has who accepts him for what he is, Kevin is desperate to bring Carl back to life, and begrudgingly follows Goremand into unknown dangers to resurrect the pup.

On Charlotte’s end, things kick off after she follows her friend Heath on his quest to investigate the cause of ill omens appearing in the city of Wendel. The only person who treated her with kindness in her life, she seeks to repay Heath in some way, shape or form; which, after he’s kidnapped by Goremand, results in her setting out to save him from the mysterious villain.

It’s through these turns of events that Kevin and Charlotte’s’ paths eventually cross, and together they set out to stop Goremand, protect their homes and save those they care about.

It’s a decent introduction to both Trials of Mana characters, as well as a good showcase of the revamped visuals the remake will utilize. Fans of the original and JRPG fans alike won’t want to pass up on watching the full trailer below.

Trials of Mana is set for release on Apr. 24, 2020 on PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch and PC. For more on the game, check out another recently released character spotlight trailer focused on the hero Duran and the princess Angela.

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