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GTFO: How to Sneak

GTFO, how to sneak

GTFO: How to Sneak

While GTFO isn’t a stealth game, it certainly has stealth elements — no team will succeed will by rushing into areas of the complex all guns blazing. Realistically, you want to remain undetected for as long as possible; ideally, until you’ve cleared an entire area and are only forced into all-out combat for the security scan. Of course, that’s all easier said than done. Here are our tips on how to sneak in GTFO in case you’re struggling.

How to Sneak in GTFO


The most common enemy type you’ll encounter in GTFO is the sleeper. Sleepers cannot see, though they are sensitive to light and once awoken they will pursue you whether you are quiet or not (so essentially, they can see once awoken). Their primary means of locating you when asleep is echolocation, which is represented by their pulsing action.

To sneak in GTFO, the golden rule is to not move at all when sleepers are pulsing. The pulsing is telegraphed first by a frantic motion and noise, then by the pulsing red of their chests. A sleeper will pulse sporadically or when it hears something. Once it has begun pulsing, any movement at all will trigger it to awaken and alert other sleepers.

Here are two things to keep in mind to improve your sneaking in regards to general movement:

  • Always crouch walk, but remember that switching between standing and crouching makes a noise that can be heard by sleepers.
  • Watch your flashlights! Importantly, too, remember that each weapon has a different flashlight, and these different lights each have varying degrees of brightness.

Melee Kills – Sneak in GTFO

Now, let’s move on to actually taking sleepers out while remaining undetected, because this is a big factor that a lot of players overlook.

You really must coordinate stealth takedowns with melee weapons. Killing one enemy that’s even remotely close to another creates noise, and also flying debris (read brains) can hit other sleepers and cause them to wake. Make sure you’re in constant communication with your team.

Secondly, and this may seem obvious but is nonetheless crucial, make sure your melee strikes are fully charged before releasing. Half charged attacks will not kill sleepers in a single hit. Even if you think it’s dead, often the legs will still remain alive and continue to attack/alert other sleepers.

Finally, a key thing to keep in mind when you’re taking out sleepers is that you must stay aware of what is above and below you. There are many levels in the game that feature elevated platforms, some of which are going to have sleepers resting on them.

Before taking out a sleeper in such a location, consider whether there is another below you. If there is, have a team member take it out at the same time.

In preparation for writing this guide, we’ve read a number of people complaining that stealth is a little wonky in GTFO — that sleepers are randomly awoken even when players are being very careful.

That’s never happened to us in our extensive experience, though. While sometimes melee kill hitboxes can be a little finicky, being detected has almost always come from our own mistakes. You just need to stay frosty and be careful.

And that wraps up our tips on how to sneak in GTFO. For more useful tips and guides on GTFO, be sure to search Twinfinite. Otherwise, we’ve got some other useful content below you may like to read.

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