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Death Stranding Soundtrack Now Available for Purchase and Streaming

Death Stranding Soundtrack

Death Stranding Soundtrack Now Available for Purchase and Streaming

Referred to as Death Stranding (Songs from the Video Game), the soundtrack to the Kojima Productions game is now live on streaming services and select digital music storefronts.

It can be streamed from Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora. It is available for purchase and download from Amazon Music and the iTunes Store.

The track list is largely song from the band Low Roar, which features heavily in Death Stranding when music plays in the world for ambiance, in private rooms, or potentially playing from a constructed safehouse.

The song Don’t Be So Serious by Low Roar is one of the first songs you hear upon your initial venturing out in the world of Death Stranding.

The images below show off the soundtrack’s list of songs you can expect to find, whether you want to stream the whole album or pick and choose songs to listen to.

Death Stranding Soundtrack
Death Stranding Soundtrack

Death Stranding was released exclusively for the PS4 Nov. 2019 and will be losing that exclusivity and releasing on Steam sometime this summer.

Death Stranding was chosen by Twinfinite’s Reader’s Choice poll as game of the year for 2019. It came first runner-up as our game of the year, losing the top spot to Resident Evil 2.

If you are still finding finding your way through Death Stranding, now that you have this soundtrack to bolster your journey, Twinfinite has a guide wiki for the game that might prove useful.

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