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3 Video Game Movies Coming in 2020 That Are Hopefully Not Terrible


3 Video Game Movies Coming in 2020 That Are Hopefully Not Terrible

Video game adaptations are always a bit tricky to nail down, as a large part of many title’s appeal is being able to play and control the characters and the stories that are unfolding. That doesn’t stop Hollywood from trying to cash in on them though, as we’ve got a handful of video game movies coming out here in 2020.

Below, we’ve compiled the three video game movies coming out in 2020 that are hopefully – at the very least – decent.

Will they break the curse that usually befalls franchises attempting to make the leap to the big screen? Or will they crash and burn as badly as many of the ones that came before them?

Ni No Kuni

Netflix has snagged the rights to yet another beloved franchise, as it recently announced that a western release of Ni No Kuni would be headed to its platform.

Coming in January, Ni No Kuni tells the story of two teenagers that get sucked into a magical world, filled with plenty of interesting creatures and landscapes that differ drastically from their own.

Amidst their quest to save their friend, complications arise that could place them on opposite sides.

While there are certainly some similarities, this plot seems to be a bit different from the original Ni No Kuni game. That game tells the story of a young boy attempting to save his mother and stop the incoming evil.

While the jury is still out on the English version of the movie, it should be noted that many in Japan didn’t care too much for the adaptation, with many citing that the visuals don’t match up to that of the games.

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