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World of Warships: Legends Adds Yamato & Jean Bart Battleships in Latest Events

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World of Warships: Legends Adds Yamato & Jean Bart Battleships in Latest Events

Wargaming has kicked off its Last Battleship campaign today, which adds both the French Jean Bart and Japanese Yamato battleships to the game for the first time. Just in time for the holidays, there are also presents, events, giveaways, and sales on offer over the next two weeks.

As the name would suggest, the event celebrates two late-war battleships which represent the pinnacle of design for their class. Jean Bart is the speedier of the two, equipped with an Engine Boost and a Main Battery Reload Booster.

The Yamato, meanwhile, is a nearly unstoppable giant; the most powerful battleship ever created, complete with massive 18inch guns and heavy armor protection against torpedoes. She is the first Legendary Tier ship in the game and is only available over the next few weeks before being removed for fine-tuning.

Players who complete the Last Battleship campaign with Admiralty Backing will receive the Jean Bart as the final reward. On the way through the Last Battleship campaign, players will earn rewards, equipment, and the special Santa Containers which have a chance to drop a premium ship

Both events also reward players with a new special currency called Sakura Coins. If players acquire enough of these Sakura Coins by completing missions, opening Super Santa Containers, and taking the Yamato into battle they will have the opportunity to buy two premium destroyers, the Tier VI Asashio and the Tier III G-101.

In order to get Asashio, players will need to open a few Super Santa Containers, which are available through the campaign and the store.

Today’s update also makes several balance changes to improve high-tier battles. Most Tier VII cruisers received improved survivability, and several Tier VI and VII ships were changed based on their performance in battle. High-tier map spawn locations were also adjusted to allow for more tactical flexibility in battle, based on player feedback. 

Today’s announcement includes an overview trailer that showcases the new content, which you can view below.

Today’s update follows on from a recent patch that introduced full cross-play support for the first time.

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