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Connecting a PS4 Controller to Your PC Now Works Even Better

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Connecting a PS4 Controller to Your PC Now Works Even Better

Some games just feel better with a controller. For PlayStation players, though, the trouble is that unless you’ve got an Xbox One controller handily laying about then you’re out of luck. There’s no native DualShock 4 support. That is unless you use DS4Windows, the clever software that tricks PCs into thinking a PS4 controller is an Xbox One controller.

DS4Windows has actually been available to download for years now, but this week it received a big update that makes the process even easier and the software work even better. For version 2.0, there’s an extensive list of new changes designed to give players more customization options and to make the experience “snappier.” You can see the full changelog below.

  • Re-wrote GUI classes to use Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) instead of Windows Forms
  • More utilization of data binding in application. More use of custom events for ControlService
  • Added application file logger
  • Refactored macro editor
  • Changed Run as Task routine. Old routine will be replaced, if it exists, upon the first run of version 2.0.0
  • New translation system is in place. Currently, only English and Japanese language packs are available. Looking for volunteers to provide updated translations for other language packs
  • Re-written auto profile routine
  • Snappier program and mapper routine
  • Many other changes

You can download the latest version here if you haven’t already. For those that already have DS4Windows on their computers, the auto-updater should take care of everything for you unless you’re well out of date, in which case, redownload the above link.

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