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LoveR Kiss Details PS4 vs Nintendo Switch Differences and Exclusive Content

LoveR Kiss

LoveR Kiss Details PS4 vs Nintendo Switch Differences and Exclusive Content

Kadokawa Games has offered a handy breakdown of the differences between the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions of LoveR: Kiss, on top of new info an images.

Today Kadokawa Games updated the official website of its upcoming improved re-release of LoveR, titled LoveR Kiss.

This includes quite a few handy images portraying the main characters including Himari Saiki, the chemistry teacher who is now romanceable.

You can check them out below.

Himari Saiki is a trainee teacher in her second year of university, responsible for the chemnistry class. She always works very hard and has a serious personality.

She secretely researches and experiments every day to solve the questions “why people fall in love?” and “what is love?.” When she does, she gets a bit scatterbrained and oblivious of her surroundings.

Like any other heroine, you can take pictures of her freeely, and the chemistry class will be added as a new photoshoot location.

Pair photo sessions have been added, letting you choose two heroines, their poses, and more.

A brand new feature coming exclusively for the Nintendo Switch version is the “Weekday Inner Change.” Basically, the girls will change their innerwear depending on the day of the week, and it’ll be just a bit sexier in the weekend. Players will be able to select the best day for a photoshot depending on their preference.

Of course, the Nintendo Switch port is one of the most relevant element added by the “Kiss” release, since the original game used to be exclusive to PS4. Today we learn the differences between the PS4 and the Switch versions.

It appears that the PS4 version won’t have any feature removed from the original release, but the Switch version has additional content that likely wouldn’t fly on Sony’s console nowadays.

This shouldn’t surprise since when I interviewed Producer Ichiro Sugiyama he expressed firm opposition to the idea of censoring the game in its original form.

You can find an handy table below.

LoveR Kiss will release in Japan on February 27, 2020. No western release has been announced yet.

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