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Is Disco Elysium Coming to Nintendo Switch? Answered

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Is Disco Elysium Coming to Nintendo Switch? Answered

Released about a month back, Disco Elysium is the hot, new, critical darling that’s just been released for PC via Steam. It’s a story-heavy and character-driven CRPG with excellent writing and voice acting, which might lead you to think that it’s a game that probably lends itself well to a handheld device. If you’re wondering whether Disco Elysium is coming to the Nintendo Switch, here’s what you need to know.

Is Disco Elysium Coming to Switch?

The short answer for now is, no. There’s no news on a possible Switch port for the game. Speaking with Escapist Magazine, developing studio ZA/UM did mention that there were plans to bring the game over to the PS4 and Xbox One early next year. However, there was no mention of whether it would actually come to Nintendo’s hybrid console as well.

That being said, as the developers believe that this is a game that would translate quite well to a control scheme on a gamepad, an eventual Switch port is definitely not out of the question. Especially when you take into account the fact that other similar games like Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Pillars of Eternity (though the port for this one wasn’t exactly very well-received) have also made the jump to Nintendo’s console.

With that in mind, it’s certainly possible that Disco Elysium could very well come to the Switch in the future, probably after the PS4 and Xbox One ports are out. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if things change, and if the developers have anything new to announce.

For now, though, the only way to play this game is by purchasing it on Steam and playing it on PC, or just waiting for the PS4 and Xbox One ports coming next year.

Is Disco Elysium coming to Nintendo Switch?

No, but we wouldn’t rule out the possibility.

That’s all you need to know about Disco Elysium coming to the Nintendo Switch for now. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more news and information related to the game.

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