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Death Stranding: How to Fast Travel

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Death Stranding: How to Fast Travel

Death Stranding puts you in control of Sam Porter Bridges, a deliveryman who spends most of his time hiking all over the country to deliver packages. In a game that’s all about hiking and taking in the beautiful scenery, you might not think that fast travel would be a thing here, but you’d be wrong. Here’s how to fast travel in Death Stranding.

How to Fast Travel in Death Stranding

Before you’ll be able to start fast traveling everywhere, you’ll first need to progress through the story until you’ve reached episode 3. This is where the game starts to really open up, and you’ll gain access to a whole lot of equipment and other features that help make your journey a little easier.

After completing the first mandatory mission in Lake Knot City, you’ll have to sit through a cutscene with Fragile, which then unlocks the fast travel feature in Death Stranding.

After that, you’ll be able to fast travel to any main outpost or city that you’ve visited and have connected to via the chiral network. From any Private Room in the game, examine the wall next to your weapons rack to find the Fragile Jump option. Select it with the X button, and you’ll be able to choose from a list of destinations you’ve already unlocked and head straight there.

The catch is that you can’t bring any cargo with you, which means that your deliveries still need to be made on foot or manually. The Fragile Jump feature is primarily for returning to older areas to complete outstanding quests, or to manage your storage in these different locations.

To recap, here’s how to fast travel in Death Stranding:

  1. Play through the story until you reach episode 3 and clear the first mandatory mission in Lake Knot City.

  2. After the cutscene with Fragile, examine the wall next to the weapons rack in any Private Room to use Fragile Jump.

  3. This lets you warp back to any previously visited locations that have connected to the chiral network.

That’s all you need to know about how to fast travel in Death Stranding. Be sure to check our Death Stranding guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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