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Alien Isolation Switch Launch Date Revealed in New Trailer

alien isolation

Alien Isolation Switch Launch Date Revealed in New Trailer

Alien Isolation is making its way to Nintendo Switch in just a few weeks. A trailer released today by publisher Feral Interactive confirms a Dec. 5 launch date for the acclaimed first-person survival horror based on the iconic Alien license. It will cost $34.99.

The Nintendo Switch version will launch with all DLC included, which means you’ll not only be able to play the main storyline as Amanda Ripley but also “The Last Survivor,” in which players took direct control of Ripley aboard the Nostromo in a recreation of the original Alien movie.

Alien Isolation is perhaps the franchises’ most successful video game adaptation of all time. It was lauded after its 2014 launch for its superb aesthetic, which faithfully recaptured the retro-futuristic tech of the movie series. The gameplay, too, which emphasized stealth and evasion as players were chased by a single alien enemy programmed with impressive AI.

In addition to the Alien, you’ll also be pursued by human bandits and spooky androids as you navigate the claustrophobic hallways of Servestapol station.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game features a gyroscopic aiming system and precise vibrations via its HD rumble tech that is unique to the platform.

You can check out the launch trailer for yourself below.

You can watch previously released gameplay footage of Alien Isolation on Nintendo Switch here.

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