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Trails of Cold Steel 3: How to Get Red Perch

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Trails of Cold Steel 3: How to Get Red Perch

Trails of Cold Steel 3 carries on many of the traditions of the franchise, like loads of different side quests and, of course, fishing. Early on you’ll have to use your fishing skills for the Red Perch Search side quest, so here’s how to get Red Perch in Trails of Cold Steel 3.

How to Get Red Perch in Trails of Cold Steel 3

The Red Perch Search quest can be undertaken in Chapter 1. Head to the Noble District of Saint-Arkh, and talk to the maid inside the mansion to the west.

Your objective is simple enough, just catch one Red Perch. The problem, however, is that they can be tricky to find. You’ll want to head to one of two fishing spots, either Sutherland Highway 2 or the Isthmia Great Forest.

The highway fishing spot is found roughly halfway through on a side path, while the forest spot is right near the entrance.

While you can fish with anyone, it seems like using Juna significantly raises your chances of getting a Red Perch. Using Juna we got the fish on our first try, and were able to catch a couple more after fishing roughly ten times.

Now as for the actual fishing itself, when your line catches make sure you stop the wheel in either the green or the yellow to boost your chances of the perch.

Just hold down circle to reel the fish in, but if the marker gets into the red or the fish becomes angry let off of it for a few seconds, then start back up.

If you’re still having trouble you can always catch fish then return to Freddy at the Field Exercise Camp to get upgraded rods that will make things easier.

To sum up how to get a Red Perch in Trails of Cold Steel 3.

  1. Accept the Red Pearch Search quest in the Noble District of Saint-Arkh.

  2. Head to the fishing spot at Sutherland Highway 2, or the entrance of Isthmia Great Forest.

  3. Switch to Juna and make sure to land your marker in the green or yellow part of the bar when your line catches.

Hopefully, that helps make it easier to get Red Perch in Trails of Cold Steel 3.

For even more tips or info on Cold Steel 3, make sure to search Twinfinite. You can also check out our official review of the game.

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