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Outer Worlds: Supernova Tips & Tricks


Outer Worlds: Supernova Tips & Tricks

You Can Actually Sleep Before the First Quest

Outer Worlds Supernova Tips & Tricks

Outer Worlds Supernova tips and tricks

This is something I definitely wish I knew before starting my Supernova playthrough of The Outer Worlds. It would’ve saved me a lot of grief, but it’s too late for me now. I’ve lost too much. Instead, I’ll impart this wisdom to you, dear reader, in the hopes that it’ll help you in your Supernova endeavors.

While playing on Outer Worlds’ Supernova difficulty, you can only sleep in the Unreliable. However, the cabin remains locked until you complete the Edgewater quest and get the power regulator.

This might make it seem as though you won’t be able to sleep at all before completing the first quest. In actuality, if you head into the Unreliable, you’ll find a small cot or hammock on the first level, opposite the workbench. If you ever need a breather, or if you need to recover from limb damage, fast travel back to your ship and rest up.

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