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How Long Afterparty Takes to Beat

how long afterparty takes to beat

How Long Afterparty Takes to Beat

Afterparty is the latest game from Night School Studio — the developer behind Oxenfree. This time, rather than taking you to a spoopy island, Afterparty drops you into the depths of hell, and tasks you with outdrinking Satan in order to be granted your freedom. With Oxenfree’s relatively short runtime, some players may be wondering just how long Afterparty takes to beat.

Here’s How Long Afterparty Is

In your first playthrough, Afterparty will take somewhere between six and eight hours to complete. This will ultimately depend on the decisions you make, how quickly you solve the puzzles or little quests you’re sent on, and how much time you spend exploring the bowels of hell.

This six to eight-hour duration is split into a few separate sections, with players having to first get to Satan. After that, you’re then tasked with getting two or three seals to challenge him by defeating Monarchs, and then you can finally challenge him.

Each of these sections has about three or four quests that need to be completed before you can challenge the Monarch.

What’s worth noting, though, is that much like Oxenfree, Afterparty makes use of a branching story. This means that depending on the choices you make on your adventure, you’ll get different outcomes. This encourages you to replay the game with a second or third playthrough to see everything the game has to offer.

Of course, whether you want to do that is entirely up to you and how much you enjoyed Afterparty and how bothered you are about actually seeing these branching story paths.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know on how long Afterparty takes to beat. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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