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The Fisherman Fishing Planet: How to Level Up Fast


The Fisherman Fishing Planet: How to Level Up Fast

The Fisherman – Fishing Planet is here and has made some considerable improvements from its free to play counterpart, Fishing Planet. Including some quality of life changes that make the game far more relaxing and less of a grind. We have compiled tips on how to get XP and level up fast in Fisherman Fishing Planet.

However, even though free to play restrictions have been mostly removed, there are still level requirements in order for you to progress and get to new areas.

How to Level Up Fast in Fisherman Fishing Planet

Catching Walleye at Emerald Lake, New York

how to level up fast in fisherman - fishing planet

Emerald Lake is available to players after level 5. In fact, you probably already have the location unlocked after completing some of the tutorials.

Once you unlock this location, head to the store and purchase the best Spinning Rod available. Equip this newly purchased item and head out to the Emerald Lake.

Be sure to set the time to the best for catching fish using the weather map by tapping square (X if you’re on Xbox One) and fast-forwarding. After that, use your new Spinning Rod and continuously fish for Walleye, a common species in this area.

Although you may find other fish, they are still worth a catch due to the game providing you with XP for every fish you catch. If you are lucky, you may even catch a few unique species, landing you a huge amount of experience to help you level fast in Fisherman – Fishing Planet.

Catching Catfish at Mudwater River, Missouri – How to Level Up Fast

how to level up fast in fisherman - fishing planet

What is great about The Fisherman Fishing Planet is how generous the game is in giving players experience for each fish they catch. While completing missions is a good way to rack up XP and get some cash, those take far more time and effort than simply catching basic fish does.

First, head out to Mudwater River, Missouri, which is unlocked at level 4. Head to the Eastern bank location on the map, which is a Catfish goldmine.

What makes this an easy way to level up fast in Fisherman – Fishing Planet is the fact that Catfish will pretty much come after any type of bait you use, although they typically prefer live bait. Feel free to load up on the cheapest one, cast out into the water, and wait for a bite.

Each one you catch, common or not, will land you a nice amount of XP. The best part about grinding here is the fact that because Catfish are so common in the area, there isn’t much of a wait time between casts and catch, earning you XP each time you land a bite.

Catch Flathead at Neherrin River, North Carolina – The Fisherman Fishing Planet

how to level up fast in fisherman - fishing planet

In order to catch Flathead at Neherrin, you need to first get to level 10. This can easily be done by following the tutorial missions and catching a few extra fish along the way.

Once you unlock level 10, you will have access to Neherrin, North Carolina, a great place to catch Flathead Catfish, and an even better place to grind for XP!

Fast travel to the bottom-most area on the world map and head to the rock structures located out in the water. Casting your lure inbetween these rock structures seems to land the best bites.

Cast out at around 55 to 60 ft and be patient. You may not have as many bites as you did in Mudwater, but the size of the fish you will land here is much bigger.

We recommend using Night Crawler bait to catch the Flatheads, which can be purchased at the store under the bait section in the main menu. Keep in mind that these Flatheads are usually pretty big, so you may be in for a reeling fight once you land a bite!

Other Ways to Get XP Fast

There are plenty of ways to level up fast in Fisherman – Fishing Planet. Although we have listed some locations for you to try on your journey early on, catching any fish at any location multiple times will grant you quite a bit of XP compared to what it used to award you in the free to play game, Fishing Planet.

Here are some of the other options you have:

  • Catching any type of fish
  • Catching Unique or Trophy fish
  • Completing Missions
  • Competing in Competitions
  • Competing in Tournaments

Time needed: 30 minutes.

In summary, here is how to level up fast in Fisherman Fishing Planet

  1. Catch Walleye in Emerald Lake, New York

  2. Repeatedly grind for Catfish in Mudwater River, Missouri. This is a hotbed for Catfish and you will be able to quickly land them!

  3. Catch Flathead Catfish at the Neherrin River in North Carolina. These Catfish are much larger than the typical ones, so be prepared for a reeling fight!

  4. Alternatively, you can catch any type of fish you want, hunt for unique or trophy fish, complete missions, compete in competitions or tournaments.

That’s all there is to know about how to level up fast in Fisherman Fishing Planet. Stay tuned to Twinfinite for more guides, and be sure to check out our review of the game as well!

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