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Atelier Ryza: Where to Find Bitter Root


Atelier Ryza: Where to Find Bitter Root

Within the main story in Atelier Ryza during quest Taking the First Step: 7 you are tasked with creating blessing ointment to cure Lent. Blessing ointment requires the player to use Envision Recipe on grass beans, which requires bitter root. This guide will help with where to Find Bitter Root in Atelier Ryza.

Where to Find Bitter Root in Atelier Ryza

To locate Bitter Root you must first locate one of the fast travel signs located all over Kurken Island. You will want to go to the Deserted Port, located in Rasen District. Once you have loaded in, take the boat off of Kurken Island to the shipyard on the mainland.

Once through the tunnel search the ground to the left for wide, flat plants in groups of four with white flowers. Checking these plants will get you the Bitter Root so you can make the blessing ointment and complete the quest.

If you don’t want to trek all the way to the shipyard, you can try your luck with the female shopkeeper at the Kurken Port and buy it for cheap. Shops are designated by icon you can see listed in the legend if you open the full map.

In summary, to get your hands on the Bitter Root in Atelier Ryza:

  1. Use any of the fast travel boards located around Kurken Island. (Or seek out the female shopkeeper in the Kurken Port)

  2. Head to the Deserted Port in the Rasen District.

  3. Use the boat to travel to the shipyard and take the tunnel to the north.

  4. Once out of the tunnel search for a group of plants with white flowers to the left of the tunnel exit.

That is all you must know to get the Bitter Root in Atelier Ryza and continue the main quest line.

If you are looking for more help, search Twinfinite for Atelier Ryza guides.

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