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Afterparty: How to Meet Onoskelis (Ono)

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Afterparty: How to Meet Onoskelis (Ono)

Afterparty features a bundle of devilish characters, humans and demons alike. Few are as charismatic as the musical devil herself, Onoskelis. Be careful though, as it is entirely possible to never meet her. Here is everything you need to know about how to Meet Onoskelis in Afterparty.

How to Meet Onoskelis in Afterparty

After Lola and Milo are integrated into Hell, they’ll need to find a way into Satan’s party. You’ll be given two choices to find entry: help a security guard catch a human interloper or help a human named Lynda get a Margarita.

While it might not be as easy as it sounds, you’ll still want to help Lynda get a Margarita.

Little Rantalia

This will take you to island of Little Rantalia. When you reach the island, head almost all the way to the right and you’ll end up at the bar known as the Durdy Hurdy Gurdy.

Once inside the club, go to the bar and order Lynda a Margarita. Next, head over to the right of the club and you’ll find her chilling on a couch.

Talk to her and she’ll inform you that while you did bring her the drink she asked for, you’ll need to complete a quest before she can give you any tickets.

Accept the quest and you’ll head down to the basement of the Durdy Hurdy Gurdy.

All the way to the right, you’ll find Onoskelis listening to a terrible audition in front of the stage.

Congratulations, you’ve found Onoskelis! This is the only opportunity you’ll have to meet her, as she’ll be on vacation after this part.

To summarize, finding Onoskelis in Afterparty requires you complete the following steps first:

  1. Choose “Get Lynda a Margarita” when prompted an invitation quest option.

  2. Head to Little Rantalia.

  3. Go almost all the way to the right to a bar called the Durdy Hurdy Gurdy.

  4. Order a Margarita for Lynda and she’ll give you a quest.

  5. Go to the basement and you’ll meet Onoskelis and continue the quest.

For any other drunken guides, tips, or tricks, be sure to search Twinfinite for all of your Afterparty needs.

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