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Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How to Get Red Books & What They Do

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How to Get Red Books & What They Do

Niantic’s latest game, Harry Potter Wizards Unite, is a different beast from its other heavy-hitter Pokémon GO. Instead of delivering the de facto Pokémon Trainer experience, Wizards Unite is all about engrossing players in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, including its iconic magical professions. Even in the Harry Potter universe, nobody can escape the infinite grind of work and job promotions.

However, unlike real jobs, you don’t progress your wizarding profession by putting in overtime and impressing your bosses. Instead, progression is as easy as expending specific resources —that is, if those resources were easy to find. One resource in particular, Red Books, is surprisingly rare, so here’s a wizarding guide to finding and using Red Books in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

What Red Books Do

If you read a Harry Potter novel, you would assume that Red Books, better known as Spell Books, are used to teach players, well, spells. However, in Wizards Unite, they’re consumed to teach wizarding profession skills. Not spells, skills.

Skills in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite provide a variety of useful bonuses. Some increase attack power, others take the form of passive buffs, and a rare few are actual spells and charms. However, regardless of the nature of the skill, they are all useful and set apart the different professions.

In order to learn and upgrade profession skills, you need to spend different leveling resources. Some skills require only a few paltry Scrolls (which are easy to find), while others require a combination of Scrolls and Red Books. Finally, some skills require Green Books, aka. Restricted Section Books, but we’re here to focus on the Red Books, which are the rarest resource in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

How to Find Red Books in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Despite what you might think, you won’t find Red Books in a library —or Diagon Alley. Instead, you have to level your character, participate in Fortresses, or luck out and find them in your daily login rewards.

Leveling up your character in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is easy. Just wander around, complete quests, and grind out XP. Leveling up isn’t fast, but it’s reliable. Just note that leveling your character is separate from upgrading your profession.

If you really want to speed your Red Book grinding, you need to visit Fortresses. These multi-player events pop up wherever you find a giant red building and function like a general MMO raid. To beat a Fortress, you need to team up with fellow Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players and trek through several rooms with increasingly difficult challenges.

Of course, Fortresses come with their own restrictions to prevent players from just farming them willy nilly. To participate in a Fortress, you need Runestones, which determine the enemies you will face, their difficulty, and their potential rewards.

The higher the Runestone level, the tougher the enemies and the better the rewards at the end of the Fortress. Furthermore, if you don’t have Runestones, you can’t participate, so stock up on as many as possible.

Now, if you’re especially lucky (or diligent), you might log into the game and find a Red Book waiting for you, free of charge. However, these kinds of login rewards are rare, so don’t rely on them to amass a wealth of books.

So, to summarize:

  1. Red Books are used to obtain and upgrade certain profession skills.

  2. You can find Red Books by leveling up, completing Fortresses, and occasionally as a login reward.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Red Books and what they do in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. For more Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Twinfinite’s Wizards Unite guide wiki.

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