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Gears 5: How to Get Halo Reach Characters (Emile & Kat)

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Gears 5: How to Get Halo Reach Characters (Emile & Kat)

Gears 5 (no more Of War because reasons), is almost here and fans of the long-running Microsoft exclusive will be able to jump in and continue along with the story of Kat as she figures out what in the heck is going on with her very weird family. If you’re here, you’re likely more interested in the multiplayer though, and want to know how to get Emile & Kat Halo Reach characters in Gears 5.

Getting the Emile & Kat Halo Reach Characters for Gears 5 Multiplayer

Gears 5 is loaded with multiplayer modes, and customization features. Through various means either in-game, or through the in-game store, you can tack on various cosmetic skins to change the way the playable characters look in-game.

This time around, Microsoft is leveraging the popularity of the classic shooter, Halo Reach, to try and entice players into purchasing the Ultimate Edition or subscribing to Xbox Game Pass.

The two superhuman warriors will be available as part of the Halo: Reach character pack, which comes included with all Gears 5 Ultimate Edition purchases ($79.99) on Xbox One and PC.

The character pack is also available to those who download the game through Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service.

At launch, this will be the only way to obtain the Emile & Kat Halo Reach characters. They will be added to the store at some point in the future to be purchased separately, but if you want to show ’em off while they are still fresh and cool at launch, you’ll need the Ultimate Edition or the Game Pass version; those are your only two options.

That does it for how to get the Emile & Kat Halo Reach characters in Gears 5 for Xbox One and PC. For more on the latest effort from The Coalition, check out our wiki guide, and if you’re looking for our full thoughts on the game, check out our fully scored review.

In sum, here’s how to get the Emile & Kat Halo Reach characters in Gears 5.

  1. Purchase the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition.

  2. Or download the Xbox Game Pass version of the game.

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