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Dragon Quest Walk Smashes 5 Million Downloads in its First Week

dragon quest walk

Dragon Quest Walk Smashes 5 Million Downloads in its First Week

Square Enix’s free-to-play mobile game Dragon Quest Walk is doing very well over in Japan. The publisher announced today that it’s already been downloaded five million times since its release last week, Sept. 12.

The game’s design echoes that of Pokemon Go, a location-based AR system in which players must travel around real-world locations to achieve various objectives and collect items from Dragon Quest lore.

There’s no word yet whether Dragon Quest Walk will be getting a western release, but the strength of these early numbers likely bodes well for an impending announcement.

To give you an idea of just how impressive five million downloads in just a single region is, we’ve listed below Nintendo’s recent mobile efforts, which are based on their performance over seven days on the worldwide market.

Data via Sensor Tower:

  • Animal Crossing – 14.8 million
  • Super Mario Run – 8.5 million
  • Fire Emblem Heroes – 8.4 million
  • Dragon Quest Walk – 5 million
  • Dr. Mario World – 5 million
  • Dragalia Lost – 884k

Dragon Quest Walk is available on iOS and Android devices in Japan only. You can check out the game’s website here, though you’ll need to use Google translate if you’re not able to speak Japanese.

Other recent successful mobile games include DeNa’s Pokemon Masters, which recently recorded a staggering 10 million downloads in just four days.

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