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Daemon X Machina Overview Trailer Prepares You for Action


Daemon X Machina Overview Trailer Prepares You for Action

Daemon X Machina makes its anticipated launch on Nintendo Switch today, and to celebrate there’s a new overview trailer to get you ready for action with a full explanation of the game’s story, combat, progression, and various game modes.

It definitely helps to give a bit background of the game’s narrative and the lore of the Daemon X Machina world to newcomers (though we also recommend checking out a previous trailer introducing some of the game’s characters, too). And if you weren’t sure how missions are undertaken or how the various progression mechanics work then that’s also covered in detail.

You can check the overview trailer out for yourself below:

If you’ve been playing the Daemon X Machina demo then here’s your friendly reminder that whatever progress you have made can be transferred to the main game from today.

But if you’re still on the fence about getting the do check out our review. In brief, we loved it, concluding:

“If you’re willing to tough out the rough opening hours, there’s a deep mech experience lying underneath with exceptional combat that constantly keeps things exciting, even with a few issues.”

Daemon X Machina launches today, Sept. 13, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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