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Daemon X Machina: How to Increase Memory

daemon x machina increase memory usage

Daemon X Machina: How to Increase Memory

Daemon X Machina is all about blowing up lots of mechs with your very own that you’re free to customize however you wish. Problem is, your mech has its own memory that limits the amount of options that can be equipped. Here’s how to increase memory in Daemon X Machina.

Daemon X Machina Memory

What Memory Is in Daemon X Machina

As we eluded to above, ‘Memory Usage’ determines what you can equip to your mech. Each weapon or piece of armor you equip to your mech will raise the Memory Usage to a varying degree. Some will up it considerably, while others will only add a slither to the gauge within the menu.

This means you’ll need to juggle your various weapons and armor pieces that you equip to your mech to ensure a balanced loadout without exceeding the max memory usage of your mech.

Increasing Memory in Daemon X Machina

From our time with the game so far, we haven’t even come close to hitting the cap of Memory Usage in Daemon X Machina. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re going have the same smooth sailing when it comes to customizing your mech as we’ve had.

The only way we’ve found to boost this in Daemon X Machina, though, is by equipping a Processor that boosts it. New Processors can be purchased from the shop, which is accessed through your menu.

As long as you’ve got the money to buy it, it’s as simply as selecting the Processor you want that boosts this usage stat, and then heading into the Hangar menu to equip it.

Outside of that, there’s not a whole lot more you need to know about how to increase your mech’s Memory Usage in Daemon X Machina. If you’re looking for more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite, or check out our fully-scored review.

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