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Borderlands 3: All Circle of Slaughter Locations


Borderlands 3: All Circle of Slaughter Locations

Borderlands 3 is filled to the brim with content, things to do, and of course, a ton of awesome loot. One of the things that fans of the game are racing to complete are the Circles of Slaughter, the horde-like mode where players face off against five rounds of increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

Although you can join a Circle of Slaughter at any time through matchmaking by going to the social tab in the pause menu, without finding the locations yourself, you will not be able to choose which of the three Circles you will join.

See our guide below to find the locations yourself, so that you can easily go to the one that you prefer. Please keep in mind that there may be spoilers ahead for those who have not finished the game.

All Circle of Slaughter Locations in Borderlands 3

Cistern of Slaughter

cistern of slaughter

The Cistern of Slaughter is the first Circle of Slaughter that you will be able to find while playing through the story.

The Cistern of Slaughter is located on Promethea near the center of the Meridian Metroplex. You will know you have made it to the correct location when you see an NPC with a side quest for you to accept.

Once you accept their quest, you will be able to ride the nearby elevator down into the Cistern of Slaughter to begin the event and finish the quest.

However, keep in mind that even though you complete the side quest, you can still repeat the Cistern of Slaughter as many times as you like.

The Slaughter Shaft – Borderlands 3 Circle of Slaughter Locations

circle of slaughter

The Slaughter Shaft is located on the planet of Pandora near Konrad’s Hold.

If you have completed the story, you may remember this as one of the final locations you entered as you neared the finale of the game.

Head back to that area and follow the route to the end. Once there, you will find an entrance to The Slaughter Shaft with an NPC waiting inside.

In order to begin the trial, speak to the NPC and you will begin the Slaughter Shaft Circle of Slaughter.

Slaughterstar 3000

circle of slaughter

The final Circle of Slaughter is located in on the planet Nekrotafeyo, the final planet of the game.

This Circle is the most difficult to find as it only appears on the map once you are close enough to the location of the Slaughterstar 3000.

Once you arrive at the location, you should see a quest marker on the wall. Accept the quest and fast travel back to the Sanctuary. From there, you should now have access to a location called Slaughterstar 3000.

This Circle of Slaughter acts as its own planet and can be accessed just like the rest of the planets in the game. Once you have selected it as your destination, use the drop-pod to land at the location.

Once you arrive, you will now have access to Slaughterstar 3000 via fast travel much like the rest of the locations in the game.

To wrap things up:

  1. There are currently only 3 Circles of Slaughter in the game.

  2. The first is located in Promethea near the center of the Meridian Metroplex.

  3. The second is located on Pandora towards the end of Konrad’s Hold.

  4. The final Circle of Slaughter is located on Nekrotafeyo and only appears once you are extremely close to the quest that grants you access.

That is all Borderlands 3 Circle of Slaughter locations for the time being. There may be more added through DLC or free updates, but for now, there remain only three to experience.

Stay tuned to Twinfinite for more information on Borderlands 3 and check out our Guide Wiki on the game for even more great tips and tricks, or check out more of our guides below.

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