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AI Somnium Files: Iris Sagan Interrogation Answers

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AI Somnium Files: Iris Sagan Interrogation Answers

Zero Escape writer and creator Kotaro Uchikoshi is back with yet another mind-bending visual novel game titled AI: The Somnium Files. Players will take control of Kaname Date, who is placed in charge of an investigation around a serial murder case. Along the way, you’ll need to interrogate key suspects to progress through the story as well. Here are the answers for the Iris Sagan interrogation sequence in AI Somnium Files.

AI Somnium Files Iris Sagan Interrogation

After discovering the second victim in Sunfish Pocket, Date will start investigating the crime scene in an attempt to figure out exactly how the victim was murdered, and who could’ve pulled it off.

While Iris Sagan seems like the most unlikely culprit or suspect, there’s enough evidence at the scene to suggest that it was at least possible for her to have committed the murder. Here are the answers for the interrogation sequence.

Iris Sagan Interrogation

  1. Present the Sedation.

  2. Talk about the Discovery of Renju’s Body.

  3. Present Oil Drum + Renju’s Watch.

  4. Present Renju’s Weight + Oil Drum + Elevator Record.

By presenting the evidence correctly, you’ll be refuting all of Iris’ claims that she couldn’t have possibly committed the murder. On the contrary, she very could have done it by moving the victim’s body in an oil drum, and you can prove it with the elevator’s weight record as well.

Completing this interrogation sequence successfully will allow you to move on in the story and Psync with Iris, which leads you to one of the tougher and trickier puzzle rooms in the game: Psyncing In the Vain.

This story branch will allow you to unlock either Ota or Mizuki’s route, both of which are critical to seeing the game’s true ending.

That’s all you need to know about how to clear the Iris Sagan interrogation sequence in AI Somnium Files. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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