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4 Things to Do After Beating Monster Hunter World Iceborne (Post-Game/Endgame)

things to do after beating iceborne

4 Things to Do After Beating Monster Hunter World Iceborne (Post-Game/Endgame)

If you’ve rolled the credits and have seen all of the main story quests that Iceborne has to offer, you might be wondering what you can do after beating the game. Well, there’s tons of stuff out there to do for the post-game/endgame for Iceborne.

Enter the Guiding Lands

guiding lands, monster hunter world iceborne, things to do after beating

Getting through the main assigned quests in the Iceborne expansion is hard enough as is but just in case you thought that was everything the story had to offer, well, you would be wrong.

Once you roll the credits and jump back into Iceborne after completing the story, you will now be able to go to the Guiding Lands.

The Guiding Lands is an amalgamation of all of the different locales in Monster Hunter World. So, there’s a desert, forest, coral, and rotten area in this one big location.

And instead of going on assigned quests to hunt down one specific monster in the Guiding Lands, you go there on expeditions and any single monster from the game can show up randomly.

There’s also special mining points and other materials that you cannot get anywhere else.

It’s a fun yet challenging spin to Monster Hunter World that allows you to explore this playground and hunt whatever comes your way.

If you’re attempting to augment your maxed out weapons after beating Iceborne, this is probably the best way to get the rarer materials.

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