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Root Letter: Last Answer Gets a New Trailer Showing Gameplay and a Look at Shimane

Root Letter: Last Answer

Root Letter: Last Answer Gets a New Trailer Showing Gameplay and a Look at Shimane

Today British publisher Pqube released a brand new trailer of the upcoming visual novel Root Letter: Last Answer.

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an improved version of the original Root Letter by Kadokawa Games, with the addition of new endings and an intriguing mode that lets you swap the beautiful artwork by Taro Minoboshi with live-action images.

The gameplay is actually quite similar to the Ace Attorney series, mixing visual novel narration with investigative gameplay.

You can check the trailer out below.

… and here is an introduction from the accompanying press release.

On your mission to find out what happened to your former pen-pal Aya, you have to visit her hometown and erstwhile friends. Each location and person you encounter is an important puzzle piece that you will need to figure out the mystery around her death. Which area will you investigate first?

When visiting the iconic locations of Shimane, keep an eye out for clues and items! You can uncover them with the Magnifying Glass tool, which will be important to progress in the story and can be used as leverage when confronting Aya’s former friends and acquaintances.

After you found enough evidence and found your first leads, it is time to confront Aya’s childhood friends about their past! Question them in intense interrogation scenes, using your wits and information to uncover the truth about her secret – one puzzle piece at a time.

Follow in the footsteps of Aya Fumino, a school penfriend allegedly involved in a tragic murder 15 years ago. Explore the prefecture of Shimane, uncover clues, and use the letters you wrote to each other to track down her childhood friends for questioning. But perhaps these friends, now adults living a peaceful life, will not be eager to let their painful memories resurface…

If you’d like to learn more of Root Letter: Last Answer, you can check out the announcement trailer and more screenshots.

It launches for PS4 and Switch in Europe on August 30, while the PC version and the North American release on both consoles will come on September 3.

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