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Prehistoric Platformer Jet Kave Adventure Releases for Switch Next Month

Jet Kave Adventure

Prehistoric Platformer Jet Kave Adventure Releases for Switch Next Month

Polish indie game developer 7Levels released a brand new trailer for their upcoming adventure game, Jet Kave Adventure, earlier today, showing fans what they can expect from this Stone-Fiction platformer.

In this game, players control a caveman called Kave. After being banished by his own tribe, the former chief stumbles upon a strange device.

Once he puts it on, Kave gains the power of flight, as it turns out to be an alien created jetpack.

Using this brand new flying machine, Kave navigates the elaborate stone-aged levels, flying around, solving puzzles, and using unique abilities to overcome any obstacle placed in his path.

Throughout the 36 levels that make up Jet Kave Adventure, the caveman must also test his strength.

Using a combination of his club, the jetpack, and other upgraded gear, Kave must smack and whack over 30 different enemy types.

Whether it is minions or boss, the alien invaders responsible for bringing the pack to this world must be defeated in order to save both the land and the tribe from a disastrous volcanic eruption.

From what is on display in the trailer above, the game’s traversal will be fast and varied, switching between jumping and metered jetpack flight.

Jet Kave Adventure

Boss fights and platforming escape sequences can also be spotted in the announcement trailer, displaying a mix of Donkey Kong Country and Rayman rolled into one.

Alongside the main story, the game is set to feature three extra challenge modes: Time, Collectible and No Damage.

Anyone interesting in playing Jet Kave Adventure early can visit the Indie Games Poland booth (WSCC, Level 6, Booth 7108) and even meet the developers at PAX West in Seattle from Aug. 30 to Sept. 2.

Jet Kave Adventure is set to release exclusively for Nintendo Switch on Sept. 17, 2019, for $19.99.

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