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Man of Medan: What the Name of the Ship Is (Spoilers)

man of medan ship name

Man of Medan: What the Name of the Ship Is (Spoilers)

While you’ll see a few different environments in Man of Medan, most of the action takes place on a spooky ship that our group of young adventurers are escorted to by their fishermen captors. If you’re looking to get the ‘The Name of This Vessel’ trophy and achievement, you’ll need to know what the name of the ship is.

What the Name of the Ship Is in Man of Medan

To cut right to the chase, the ship’s name in Man of Medan is the Ourang Medan. However, you’ll have to get your group of characters to uncover this name for themselves within the game when exploring the ship if you want to get the ‘The Name of This Vessel’ trophy or achievement.

How to Reveal the Name of the Ship in Man of Medan

To actually reveal the name of the ship in Man of Medan, you’ll need your group to uncover a number of the game’s ‘Secrets.’ These are essentially documents providing more story and lore tidbits to supplement what you get from just following the main narrative.

You’ll need to get the following secrets in Man of Medan before reaching the radio in ‘Distress Signal.’

  • Secret 41 – Found in ‘Danny.’ After Danny knocks a hat off a bunch of empty bags, Fliss can pick this up.
  • Secret 42 – Found in ‘Distress Signal.’ When playing as Alex, it can be found just after leaving the weather deck to go up the stairs. Open a door by quickly tapping X on Xbox One or Square on PS4 to enter the captain’s cabin. Pick up the logbook on the table.

Once you’ve found these and reach the radio, you’ll be able to make contact with someone. You’ll want to select the following dialog options when using the radio:

Dialogue Options When Using the Radio to Reveal Name of Ship

  1. Our coordinates are…

  2. We’re on an old freighter.

You’ll then need to turn the generator back on, so you’ll need to be successful in doing this with Brad and Julia. There’s a switch just after you go through the engine room, but before they find the rebreather. Hit this and you’ll be all set.

As long as you’ve done this, when the radio comes back on, Alex will reveal the name of the ship, saying ‘We’re on the Ourang Medan,’ rather than ‘We’re on an old freighter.’

At this point the ‘The Name of This Vessel’ trophy and achievement should unlock.

What the Story Behind the Ourang Medan Is

Believe it or not, the Ourang Medan is named after a real-life ship that became a bit of a legend. Its entire crew had died under suspicious circumstances either in 1947 or 1948 depending on the newspaper source, just like in Man of Medan.

The theories behind what happened on the SS Ourang Medan fall largely into three categories:

  • Unsecured Hazardous Materials Cargo
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Paranormal Phenomena

All of the crew on the ship were found dead scattered all across it, with frightened faces and the last S.O.S. message from the Ourang Medan was the same “I die” as seen in Man of Medan.

Unfortunately, before any further investigations could be made into what happened on the Ourang Medan, a fire mysterious broke out in one of its cargo holds, forcing the rescue team to evacuate, only for the Ourang Medan to explode and sink moments later.

That’s everything you need to know on what the ship’s name is in Man of Medan. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki.

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