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Astral Chain: Tips & Tricks For Beginners


Astral Chain: Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Switch Legions To Match the Situation

Legions are the bread and butter of your combat abilities, and they heavily factor into any strategy you might have. Astral Chain is entirely designed around using these different Legions frequently, both in and out of combat.

While you’re exploring you’ll, obviously, need to switch Legions to do things like open doors with the Arm Legion or dig with the Beast Legion, but make sure you’re also doing that in combat.

Certain Legions are better for certain situations. For example, the Sword Legion can tie up groups of enemies with its quick sweeping attacks, saving you when you’re swarmed by enemies.

Meanwhile, the Beast Legion is the most agile of the bunch making it easiest to wrap your chain around enemies, or letting you hop on its back by using L to get out of a massive boss attack.

Just keep all of your Legion’s abilities in mind, and don’t get locked into only using one, as it’ll definitely make combat tough as you get farther.

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