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Rayquaza Returns to Pokemon Go Raids With a Shiny Version

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Rayquaza Returns to Pokemon Go Raids With a Shiny Version

The Legendary Dragon-type Pokemon Rayquaza remains one of the most powerful creatures in Pokemon Go even with the new legendaries that have released since this fearsome beast left raids. If you missed out on your chance to catch Rayquaza the first time around, then you’re in luck.

In a YouTube video released by The Official Pokémon YouTube channel we learned that starting this Wednesday, Rayquaza will return to legendary raids in Pokemon Go up until Sep. 2 when it will disappear into the ether yet again.

The biggest change this time around is that trainers will not only be able to catch the massive green dragon, but you’ll also have the opportunity to capture the slick and black shiny form. The video shows a shiny Rayquaza entering the Earth’s atmosphere followed by numerous gyms with legendary raid eggs popping up all over the surface of the planet.

This Pokemon is going to be a hot item for shiny collectors, serious battlers, and raiders alike. Rayquaza combines all the strength and rarity that those types of trainers are looking for into one neat package.

Its shiny variant is one of the most striking alternate versions in Pokemon Go with a complete color pallet change from a light green shade to an unmistakable black. Just like Charizard, this extremely dark shiny variation helps to further distinguish this creature as one that you’ll need to collect.

Besides its stark difference between standard and shiny colors, this Pokemon is undoubtedly one of the best attackers in the game. Rayquaza’s massive attack stat makes it extremely popular among raiders. The reintroduction of Rayquaza is likely to increase raid participation as the current legendary raid, Armored Mewtwo, has been fairly unpopular among the Pokemon Go community.

Below, you can find the official announcement video of Rayquaza’s return to Pokemon Go.

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