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Rance 01 and 02 Bundle Announced by Mangagamer

Rance 01

Rance 01 and 02 Bundle Announced by Mangagamer

Today Mangagamer hosted a panel at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, and made a relevant announcement about the Rance series.

The fan-favorite fantasy series by Alicesoft is going to get not one, but two new entries in the west, and we’re going back to the origins with Rance 01: Quest for Hikari and Rance 02: The Rebellious Maidens.

Here’s a description for both, and you can also watch a trailer.

Rance 01: Quest for Hikari

“A remake of the very first, original Rance for modern fans of the series, this new version comes packed with an expanded story, updated graphics and audio, and an updated battle system too! The cards are all in your hands as the warrior Rance ventures out to find hot chicks to bang and sets his sights on Hikari, a daughter of a noble family in the Kingdom of Leazas who has gone missing from her home! Brave forests, caves, and dungeons, fighting powerful foes and traps with weapons and combos at the ready! Will Rance succeed on his quest to save the girl, or will he fall to any of the terrible fates awaiting him at wrong turns?! The better question—how many other women will he win a round with along the way?!”

Rance 02: The Rebellious Maidens

“With the town of Custom entombed underground and sealed by a barrier, the guild issues a quest to save the town, and mighty Rance is on the job! In this turn-based, top-down dungeon crawler, Rance is off to defeat the four rebel witches that have endangered the town! Yet all is not as it would appear. What caused these witches to rebel in the first place? What are the “cursed rings”? What dark truth is waiting to come to light when Rance’s conquest is complete?!”

A release date has not been announced, but both games will be available for PC in a bundle at at some point down the line.

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