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Mangagamer Teases Several “Secret Projects” and Provides Localization Updates

Higurashi Episode 7 Mangagamer

Mangagamer Teases Several “Secret Projects” and Provides Localization Updates

Today publisher MangaGamer provided a string of updates on its current localization projects on its official Twitter account.

Interestingly, they have a lot of “secret projects” in the work, including one about which they hadn’t spoken before.

At the moment, there are five unannounced games, as you can see below.

Former secret project #2 (revealed a while ago) Imouto Paradise 3, is already out of beta, while #3, Wan Nyan A La Mode!, is 100% translated and 55% edited. On the other hand #5, which is NyanCafe Macchiato, is 100% translated and 100% edited.

Farther than the Blue Sky is also out of beta, while Funbag Fantasy 2 just entered testing. Maggot baits is also out of beta and the release build is being finalized.

Lastly, Higurashi When They Cry Hou – Ch.7 Minagoroshi will release for PC on July 18.

Do keep in mind that some of MangaGamer’s titles are not safe for work in nature, but they often have all-ages versions distributed on Steam.

Recently, MangaGamer also announced Ciconia When they Cry, which should be coming in August, of course for PC.

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