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Mordhau: How to Farm Gold Quickly

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Mordhau: How to Farm Gold Quickly

Mordhau is a game of skill first and foremost, but you’ll quickly find yourself outmatched by opponents if you don’t have the right gear and equipment. To do so, you’ll need to make sure you have a good supply of gold right from the start of the game. Here’s how to farm gold quickly in Mordhau so you aren’t left behind.

How to Farm Gold Quickly in Mordhau

Although you should be able to accumulate a decent supply of gold by simply playing different Mordhau modes, there are two different ways of actually farming gold quickly that we’ve found work best.

The first that we’ll go over is a great one for newcomers, as it’s very easy and accessible right at the start of the game. The second mode requires a little more skill, as we’ll explain.

Horde Mode

By far and away the easiest and fastest way to farm gold is by loading up horde mode and surviving for as long as possible. Here’s how to survive until wave 22 with ease.

  • Start the game and boot up horde mode.
  • Load up the Camp map.
  • Buy a cheap weapon, such as a dagger, and survive until the sixth wave.
  • You will then have enough money to purchase either a crossbow or recurve bow.
  • Now climb the ladder to the watchtower and shoot incoming enemy waves — they won’t be able to attack you.
  • Survive until Wave 22 and receive 1600 gold.

This process can be repeated.

Duel Mode

Players can earn quite a bit of gold by continually dueling other players. For winning a duel, they’ll receive 500 gold. This isn’t all that easy to do for newcomers, but even a loss is still worth 300, so it’s definitely worthwhile either way.

Those are the two fastest and easiest ways to farm gold in Mordhau. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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