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Minion Masters: How to Get Shards

how to get shards in minion masters

Minion Masters: How to Get Shards

As is the case in most games these days, there are progression mechanics that tie Minion Masters’ awesome gameplay loop together. Power Tokens, Gold, Rubies, and Shards are currencies you’ll be collecting as you battle opponents and seek to improve your skills, but if you’re not sure how to get the Shards, then here’s a guide to set the record straight.

How to Get Shards in Minion Masters

What They Are

Shards are a currency used to unlock new Masters and Arena cards, as well as craft. As with the other currencies in the game, learning how to manage your Shards and what to spend them on forms a sort of meta-game that’s important to properly understand.

Shards are the most precious of these currencies, especially for those not wanting to spend real money on the game.

How to Get Them

The first thing you’ll need that all the currencies are intertwined. They can all be used to purchase or craft cards, but using certain currencies also rewards by giving you quantities of another, and this is primarily how you’ll be acquiring more Shards.

Essentially, leveling up in the game and completing daily rewards will earn you gold. Gold can then be used to purchase Power Tokens, which in turn is used to get both new cards and Shards.

You’ll notice that when you use a Power Token, the wheel will spin and reward you with a random card, but it also gives you a “Spin Bonus” of various different quantities of Shards.

Note that you’ll be given Shards instead of a card if the wheel lands on a card you already have.

Elsewhere, they can also be earned as a reward for hitting certain levels. For example, hitting levels 28 and 33 rewards you with 100 Shards.

That should give you a good idea of how to get Shards in Minion Masters. For more useful tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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