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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Best Characters to Play As

marvel ultimate alliance 3, best characters, play as

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Best Characters to Play As

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is filled with iconic heroes and villains to choose from, letting you build your very own dream team to take on Thanos and the Black Order. Of course, with over 30 different playable characters it can be hard to decide who you want to play as. Luckily, we’re here with some recommendations on the best characters to play as in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Before we go on, keep in mind that all of these characters are simply recommendations, and there’s no wrong choice you can make in terms of who to play as in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Every hero is at least proficient, but with that said, there are characters we can recommend as being easier to play as, or more powerful right off the bat. Let’s jump in.

Best Characters To Play as in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3


best marvel ultimate alliance 3 characters, to play

Magneto might just be the best character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and he’s an essential pick for any team you might play as. The reason Magneto is so useful is because of the way he can draw enemies in with his magnetism.

The character’s heavy attack and certain abilities, like Fatal Attraction, will draw enemies into the energy Magneto creates, setting up the perfect opportunity for other heroes to combo. This is especially true with Magneto’s Extreme attack, which sucks in enemies in a large radius, and when paired with other Extreme attacks can be absolutely devastating.

Past all this, Magneto has really high Mastery, meaning he can cause some serious damage with his abilities, which also hit a wide area. He may not have the range that other long-range fighters in the game have, but his damage output more than makes up for it.

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