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FFXIV Shadowbringers: How to Unlock All Mounts (Amaro, Fae Gwiber & More)

FFXIV shadowbringers unlock all mounts

FFXIV Shadowbringers: How to Unlock All Mounts (Amaro, Fae Gwiber & More)

Alongside the new story content, changes to the battle system, and dungeons to check out in FFXIV Shadowbringers, there is, of course, a number of new mounts to help players traverse the world. From the Amaro and Fae Gwiber, through to the Ironfrog Mover and Battle Tiger, there’s something for everyone, so here’s how to unlock all mounts in FFXIV Shadowbringers.

How to Unlock All Mounts in FFXIV Shadowbringers (Amaro, Fae Gwiber, Triceratops & More)

  • Grani – This mount is only available if you purchased the Shadowbringers Collector’s Edition. Those who did will receive this when full service starts. Those who didn’t, unlucky.
  • War Tiger – The War Tiger mount is tied to the achievement ‘Tank You Gunbreaker II.’ This requires you to complete 200 dungeons or EX Trials (61+) or 50/60/70 and a leveling roulette (with bonus) as a Gunbreaker.
  • Battle Tiger – Similar to the War Tiger, you’ll need to get the achievement ‘Tank You Gunbreaker III.’ It’s almost the same as the achievement that comes before it, except you have to complete 300 dungeons with the same requirements, instead of just 200.
  • Triceratops – This FFXIV Shadowbringers mount requires players to get the achievement ‘Nuts for Nutsy,’ which requires you to kill 2,000 As and 1,000 S rank hunts in Novrandt.
  • Amaro – To unlock the Amaro mount in FFXIV Shadowbringers, you have to get the ‘Life of Adventure IV’ achievement. This requires you to get level 80 in all DoW and DoM jobs.
  • Fae Gwiber – Complete the Titania – Dancing Plague extreme trial for a chance of getting Fae Gwiber.
  • Innocent Gwiber – Complete the Innocence – Crown of the Immaculate extreme trial for a chance at unlocking Innocent Gwiber.
  • Ironfrog Mover – This mount can be purchased with 12 Formidable Cogs from the FATE Chain in Kholusia.
  • Circus Ahriman – If you’re wanting to get the last of FFXIV Shadowbringers’ mounts, you’ll need to wait until All Saints Wake kicks off this October. During that, you’ll be able to unlock Circus Ahriman, though the details regarding this are still a little vague.

Shout out to Reddit user Mags02 for helping us figure out some of the remaining unlocks we hadn’t yet got to.

That’s everything you need to know on how to unlock all FFXIV Shadowbringers mounts. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite. You can also check out more of our guides for the expansion down below.

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