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EA Details FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Additions, Changes and More


EA Details FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Additions, Changes and More

FIFA 20 has plenty of new features and tweaks set to make an appearance, and EA has detailed a smattering of them in their latest pitch notes.

Released on July 25, the pitch notes provide a glimpse of the changes coming to several aspects of FIFA 20.

This includes several overhauls to aspects of the game’s Pro Clubs mode, including its character customization system, new match types and small changes made in response to player feedback from the last entry.

These changes are detailed below, and can be viewed in their entirety through the pitch notes here.

Character Customization

  • New Avatar system replaces player creation across FIFA 20. Utilizes four quadrant axis morphing tool for wider array of facial feature, skin tone customization options.
  • Retains features from prior Virtual Pro system, including commentary name, goalkeeper gloves, celebration animation and more.
  • New positions for Virtual Pro characters, including LF/RF, LM/RM, and LWB/RWB
  • Revamped player progression in Virtual Pro. Aspects like height and weight will factor into how well certain characters can perform in certain positions.
  • Stamina system revamped. Can be enhanced, but doing so comes at the cost of investing in other attributes.
  • Pro Clubs players start with 80 overall rating. Progression earned through Drop In, League and Cup matches.
  • 30 new traits introduced. Offer increased benefits when selected, but come at the cost of investing in other traits/attributes.


  • Broadcast mode will implement features like replay transition wipes, on-screen watermarks, club banners and new Pro Clubs logo.
  • Club banners influenced by team’s two primary colors, show name of club in stands. Stadiums that support banners will show both home and away teams’ banners.
  • AR overlay added to match intros, half time and goal scores.
  • Match types in Pro Club now have special colors for Broadcast mode.
  • Camera no longer locks onto goal scorer after goal, allowing custom display of team celebrations.

Match Types

  • Two new match types available through FIFA 20’s Pro Clubs mode.
  • House Rules Cups: Applies House Rules from Kickoff mode to Pro Clubs mode. Rotates match type every day of the week, rotates cup playable each weekend. Schedule for cups will be visible in-game.
  • Practice Mode: Allows clubs to practice against AI teams instead of player teams. AI difficulty ranges from 80 to 99.

Requested Imrpovements

  • ‘Any’ Stamina Bug – Stamina drained faster for the player controlling the ‘Any’ position.
  • CB in wall – The game now places taller forwards and midfielders in the wall to defend against Free Kicks.
  • GK Set Piece – Having a GK as captain will no longer affect game stability when your team has a set piece to take.
  • Club Trophy Celebration – Clubs can now watch the full Cup Celebration when you win.
  • 25 Customizable Kits added, 150 Crests to choose from. Team captains can select which kits their teams see locally for upcoming matches.

FIFA 20 is slated for release on Sept. 27 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. For more on the game, check out one of the game’s most recent trailers covering set-piece refresh and compose finishing.

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