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Division 2 Skill Haste Explained: What It Is, How to Increase & More

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Division 2 Skill Haste Explained: What It Is, How to Increase & More

The Division 2’s new update, which adds the Camp White Oak mission, alongside other things, has seen some changes come to the names and effects of some stats, including Skill Haste. Since it seems to do something that was already in the game, it can be quite confusing. So that you know how it works, here’s Division 2 Skill Haste explained, including what it is, how to increase it, and more.

What Skill Haste Is in Division 2

While it may confuse at first, Skill Haste is actually pretty simple. Essentially, look at it as a new name for Cooldown Reduction. You’ll still see a cooldown time on gear, but the reduction that’s put on that time will depend on Skill Haste stats.

As the patch notes describe, “Skill Haste works equivalent to speed.” What that means is that 100% Skill Haste doesn’t completely wipe out the cooldown time. Instead, that would reduce the cooldown by 50%. The analogy that the patch notes uses is good.

It’s “like a car speeding up by 100% getting to its destination in half the time.” Therefore, you can go beyond 100% Skill Haste on a piece of gear and it’ll still have an impact.

The full list of changes that have been made in relation to Skill Haste and Cooldown Reduction is:

  • Removed the 90% Cooldown Reduction hard cap.
  • Lowered the minimum Cooldown cap for all skills from 10 seconds to 3, except for the Chem Launcher which is now 8.
  • Renamed all instances of Cooldown Reduction on existing gear to Skill Haste, with a 50% increase to their base values. Eg: +10% Cooldown Reduction will become +15% Skill Haste.
  • Increased Surge talent Skill Haste bonus from +10% to +20%.
  • Increased Alps Summit Armament 1-piece Skill Haste bonus from +10% to +20%.
  • Increased China Light Industries Corporation 3-piece Skill Haste bonus from +10% to +30%.
  • Increased Petrov Defense Group 3-piece Skill Haste bonus from +10% to +30%.
  • Increased Tip of the Spear 3-piece Skill Haste bonus from +20% to +40%.

How to Increase Skill Haste

As you can see from the list of changes above, a piece of gear’s Skill Haste stat can change. First of all, you can find pieces of gear with different stats as drops, so simply look for one with a higher Skill Haste percentage if that’s something you prioritize.

Then, you can also equip Talents and mods that can grant a Skill Haste bonus. Surge is a good option and it has just had its bonus increased to 20%. Take a look at the mods you have and see if any offer good bonuses.

That’s it for our guide on Division 2 Skill Haste. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Division 2 wiki guide or search for Twinfinite.

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