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Dauntless Adds More Challenges in First Major Update


Dauntless Adds More Challenges in First Major Update

Free-to-play role-playing game and Monster Hunter-esque Dauntless will be launching its first major update since its release from open beta and on consoles last May.

The “Fortune & Glory” update adds a new challenge for experienced players in the form of The Trials of Lady Luck. These Trials offer different Behemoths, or giant monsters, with multiple modifiers to defeat for a new currency called Marks.

Marks can be traded into the Lady Luck vendor for exclusive Trials rewards, such as weapon mods, special moves, and cosmetic items. The Trials also offer leaderboards for the fastest completion times that are reset weekly.

There will also be new snail-like creatures called smollusks during the Trials that are not difficult to defeat, but can leave “miles of ooze” to traverse if left unchecked.

The update will drop on Tuesday, July 16 alongside a new season of content called High Skies. High Skies will contain two Hunt Passes, the game’s battle pass, each with two tracks and fifty levels of rewards.

The first pass, Fortune & Glory, will start on July 16 until “some time” in August, then the Zephyr Strike Hunt Pass will begin immediately after.

Dauntless is now free-to-play for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with a Nintendo Switch version coming later this year.

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