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Bandai Namco’s Online JRPG Blue Protocol Gets First Trailer and Screenshots, and it Looks Gorgeous

Blue Protocol

Bandai Namco’s Online JRPG Blue Protocol Gets First Trailer and Screenshots, and it Looks Gorgeous

Today Bandai Namco followed up on the recent announcement about the upcoming online JRPG Blue Protocol with the first trailer and screenshots.

In case you missed the initial announcement, the game is an online JRPG is in development for PC by a team named Project Blue Sky, which is a joint initiative of Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco Studios.

The goal of the project is to impress the world with a top-notch entertainment IP with great visuals that look like an anime movie, powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Looking at videos below and at the images at the bottom of the post, it appears that the developers are definitely on to something.

A brief description of the game recites:

“The world is on the brink of devastation, now it’s time to unite.
March on with friends and strangers, and defeat foes beyond your might.
Travel through space and time to change the future beyond this fight!”

And more on the story:

“Regnus, a planet once ruled by a divine tribe, thrived using a mystical light.
Many millennia later, what remains are their ruins, treasures, and a dark secret.
Start your journey in this forsaken paradise, uncover its truths and become part of history.”

On top of that, today we learn that an alpha test will be hosted in Japan in order to test the server load and receive feedback on gameplay.

It’ll include the character creation and four classes, Aegis Fighter, Twin Striker, Blast Archer, and Spell Caster.

Registration for the alpha testing is already open, but it does explicitly mention that living in Japan is required. The test will last three days between July 26 and  July 28, with 5,000 spots to be had.

We even get the system requirements, which you can see in the gallery below alongside the screenshots.

At the moment, Blue Protocol doesn’t have a release date, but we know it’s coming for PC.

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