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Black Desert Online Gets Free Swimsuits With Summer Event

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online Gets Free Swimsuits With Summer Event

With the summer in full swing and the heat cooking your gaming PC up, Pearl Abyss opened the summer event in Black Desert Online.

This year we see the return of the Terrmian Waterpark, but it comes with a relevant new feature. By handing over 50 Terrmian seals that you can earn by playing the various minigames, you can earn the Luvis Swimsuit for males and Loanne Bikini for females.

You heard it right. They’re free swimsuits that you can earn in the game without spending a single pearl, and they look good too. This is pretty uncharacteristic of Black Desert Online’s business model (which admittedly does provide a ton of free content, but it tends to be a bit stingy in terms of free outfits), yet certainly laudable.

The one caveat is that the swimsuit is not available for the newly-revealed Shai class.

Do keep in mind that this is (at least for now) available only for the PC version. The Xbox One version just saw the implementation of the fairly plain Marine Romance outfits, which you need to buy for pearls anyway. It may be a while before you get to strut on the beach in style on consoles.

The Terrmian Waterpark sees the return of many minigames to win seals and plenty of prizes, including Pop-a-Giant-Clam, Shoot Coconut Cannons, Dive Live! Feel Alive, Captain Moguly and the Spooky Ship, Bang Bang Bang, Drive Out Terrmian Possessed Spirits, Looking After the Whales, Step by Step, Throw Your Stress Away, and Terrmian Treasure Hunt.

Black Desert Online is currently available on PC, with a Xbox One version simply named Black Desert. A PS4 version is coming on August 22.

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